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My excellent companion

We knew them in the film “Partners and blood hounds” (Tom Hank). I was suitably impressed with these dogs. Its morphology was really incredible. When I knew its temperament, I told myself “This is the breed which I want to breed”. So I decided to look for a female puppy.
I found her in Pancho`s breeding ground. He advised me to get her because she will be a champhion. She was Carola. We visited expositions and won some prizes (Argentinian Uruguayan Champhion, she won FCA rank). Then Tarkus, Hulk, Antha and Cienfuegos were incorporated in our venture.
Cienfuegos (when I saw him I couldn’t believe in. It was the perfect DDB) gave important characteristics to my dogs. It’s a great dog.
Cienfuegos and Carola are Ramses` parents which is the pride of the breeding ground. Sergio, Elena and Marcelo worked hardly and they got their aim.
Ramses was Young Successful World in 2005. On the other hand, Ramses and his sister Lala were at the top of the Young Rank FCA 2005.
I knew friendly people and I learnt a lot from them as Dr. Bayone from Al Gost Yagant breeding ground. In 2005, I had a short conversation (I had to use my basic French) with Raymond Triquet (He’s the father of the breed). It was a pleasure.
GO ON THE STORY… In 2004, Hooch came to dog farm. Its parents are Cienfuegos and the Wonderful Argentinian Champhion, Atila. Hooch is large and easy-going too. He won his breed in Eukanuba Cup in 2206. Hooch has 160 sons. Some of them have a good performance. Lala is a female dog which was Argentinian Champion in the Eukanuba Cup.
In addition to this, she won her breed last Saturday. Lala is a dream…
Nowadays, we have good specimens and we’re waiting for a new puppy.
This is a little part of my story. It’s not easy to breed “Doges de Burdeos”. Great care is needed when choosing breeding these dogs so that I’d like to thank to Sergio and Adolfo who are my helpers, H. Mareada (the vet) and his daughter, the physical trainer Kike Fernandez, Guillermo Torres who is the handler, all my friends Demian, Sergio, María Elena, Graciela, Daniel and Marcela. We learnt about this breed together. Finally I’d like to thank to my daughter Julieta and my mother. They always share my sadness and happinesses.

As you have realized, I used possessive adjectives (her/his) when I referred to the dogs. The reason is our dogs have a great value and they are considered people…